Computer Tips & Tricks

Welcome to our Computer Tips section. We have the few available tips listed below. More are will be added every week. Enjoy!

Tip Index

Browser Window Recycling
Don’t lose a web page when you click an e-mail link
Munchin’ Cookies
Remove excess cookie buildup
Selective Cookies
Pick and choose your cookies
Wheel Mouse Navigation
Go back and forward on web pages with your wheel mouse
Wheel Mouse Fonts
Control web page fonts with your wheel mouse
Empty The Documents Menu
Empty your documents menu in a flash
Send a Page
Send a web page via e-mail
Fast Re-starts
A quick way to re-start Windows
Send To E-mail
Send attachments to a new e-mail message
Faster E-mail Attachments
Drag & Drop e-mail attachments
Top Folder
Make a folder sit at the top of your list
Custom Toolbars
Display just what you need on your toolbars
Smart Scrolling
A faster way to scroll
Single Clicking
Set your icons for single-clicks
Refresh Your Floppy
See what’s on your floppy drive when you switch out disks
When Was It Updated?
Find out the last time a web page was updated
Sound Control
Put the little yellow speaker back in your System Tray – Or take it out…
Control Your Control Panel
Get rid of the excess junk in your control panel
Num Lock
Turn Num Lock on or off – automatically
A Fast System Properties Box
Get to your System Properties fast
Keep It Clean
Keep your computer running longer by cleaning it out
Faster File Access
Find files fast – even in a full folder
Smarter Downloads
The trick to faster downloads
E-mail Display Names
Change your e-mail display name
File Associations
Get files to open in the program you want them to!
Open With
Got an Open With dialog box? Here’s what to do.
Now, Where Was I?
Get back to where you left off in MS Word
Fast Browser Starts
Make your browser start faster
Drag & Drop Escapes
Stop a drag and drop operation in its tracks!
A Quick Way C:
Get to your C: drive in a flash
Floppy Copy
Copy your floppy quick & easy
Site Searches
Search sites that don’t have search engines
Organize Your Wires
Get rid of that mess of wires behind your computer
EZ Shutdowns & Restarts
Use icons to shut your computer down quickly – no questions asked
Window Hunting
Quickly jump from window to window with this shortcut
Copy & Paste
Learn how to copy and paste like a pro
CTRL Your Folders (and more)
Navigate your folders faster
Special Characters
How to insert stuff like copyright, degree, and other symbols.
The ultimate undo shortcut
Smart Selections
A cool way to select *most* of the files in a folder
Refresh Hardware Without Rebooting
How to save re-boots when you forget to turn on a piece of hardware
Faster Site Access
Get to a web site faster
Deleting Programs
Need to get rid of excess programs? Here’s how.
Stop Annoying Web Pages
Stop animations and music on web pages
Screen Shots
Grab screen shots quick and easy
Find Your Product Key
Lost your program key? Here’s a way to get it back!
What’s This?
Need help fast? Check this out!
Clean Your Desk(top)
Got Icons everywhere? Here’s how to clean ’em up.
Saving Bookmarks
Need to save your bookmarks? Here’s how.
Column Sizes
The smart way to re-size columns!
Column Sorting
Sort your columns for easier file access

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