Affiliate Program

If you have a web site or a newsletter, you’ll want to signup our software affiliate program. Why?

Here’s the details.

Why Sell Software?

It’s always hard trying to decide which affiliate programs to sign up for. You need to choose a product that the majority of your visitors and readers will want to buy.

90% of the people who come by your site or read your newsletter are doing so with a computer.

And all those computers need software.

With software, you have a product that the majority of your visitors and readers want and need. Everyone who owns a computer is a potential customer for software.

In addition, people want to save money. We offer name brand, quality software at a discount price. We feature the same software products you would find in any retail store, but for a lot less. In some cases, we are up at 80% off of retail.

So, with our software, you have a product that the majority of your readers / visitors want and need – at a discount price. This is an excellent combination, both for you and your readers / visitors.

Not convinced yet? Here’s our story:

Like many of you, we relied heavily on advertising to keep us afloat. And, like many of you, we watched these advertisers dry up after last Christmas. In fact, we do this full time and were worried that we would have to close shop unless we could find another way to generate income.

Since I wasn’t ready to go work at McDonalds, I came up with a plan. We would use our newsletters and website to sell software.

Well, it was the right decision. We make several times as much selling software as we did selling ads. In fact, I no longer even worry about booking advertising. If I don’t have an ad booked for the day, the newsletter just goes out ad free. No problem.

Now, the trick wasn’t just picking any old software product and trying to sell it. We make sure that the software we sell is high quality. We avoid any programs that we feel are not first rate products. When a customer sees that WorldStart chooses to carry a particular piece of software, they know that the software is of high quality – and we back that up with a 30 day satisfaction guarantee that basically says “If you don’t like it, we’ll take it back, opened or not” (don’t worry, you don’t’ get your commissions docked if there is a return).

You don’t get that in a retail store and to our knowledge, there’s no one else who offers that guarantee. This helps make our customers feel more relaxed and willing to buy. They know that if there is a problem, we will take care of it. Plus they are getting the software at a terrific price.

What does all this mean to you? Well, if done properly through our affiliate program, you can make substantial commissions and have happy readers and web site visitors to boot. Our software is name brand, comes with a guarantee, is priced right, and is very easy to sell.

Why WorldStart?

OK, thus far we’ve shown you that we offer a quality product that’s easy to sell. Now for the details of our affiliate program:

We have a 3 tier payment system that pays 15% commission per tier. Here’s how it works:

When you signup, you are at the Tier 1 level. You make 15% commission per sale. So, if you sell $5000 worth of software in a month, you make $750.00.

I know what you’re thinking, $5,000 seems like a lot of sales, but we’ve had that much come through in a single day with a good newsletter ad. Doing that much a month is not hard for a decent size site or publication.

In order for us to get more affiliates, we also pay you based on the sales they make, down two levels.

For example, say you get some affiliates to sign up using a link on your website or in your newsletter. Now, let’s say 5 of these affiliates are able to do $5000 per month. You’ll make 15% on their commissions (they still get $750 each, don’t worry) Now, you’re check would be:

$750.00 (your sales commissions) (Tier1)
5 Affiliates @ 112.50ea = 562.50 (Tier 2)

If you think that’s good, it gets even better. If the five people above are able to sign up another five each (25 more total), look what happens:

$750.00 (your sales commissions) (Tier 1)
5 Affiliates @ 112.50ea = 562.50 (Tier 2)
25 Affiliates @ 112.50 ea = 2812.50 (Tier 3)

Not too bad for running a few ads huh?

Plus, you’re allowed to sign up as many people as you like, so you could easily get 20, 50, or even hundreds more directly under you.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, this is starting to look a little like MLM (Multi-level marketing). Well, the system we use is similar to what they use but with some important exceptions:

1. You have to sell software. Unlike an MLM, we do not want you signing up people and doing nothing else. If you think that’s what you’re going to do, we can pull the plug on your account.

2. It’s free to join. (most MLMs are not)

3. We don’t take everybody. Sorry, we do need to approve your application before you accept you.

Still not convinced? Here’s a few more reasons to join:

Fast Payments. Most affiliate programs pay you on a net 30, 60, or even a 90 basis. We pay on a net 7 for the previous month’s commissions. Note that we only cut a check if we owe you over $25.00, otherwise we roll the balance over into the next month until you hit $25.00.

For example, let’s say you ran a bunch of ads in May. If you were getting paid for these on a net 60 basis (this is how most programs pay), your check would not go out until July 30th and you wouldn’t be cashing it until August!

We pay you for the previous month’s sales by the 7th of the next month. So, if you ran a bunch of ads for our program in May, your check would be on its way to you no later than June 7th.

Real time tracking. You can log into your affiliate control panel and see exactly how your ad campaign is doing.

Easy setup. We will provide you with banners and text ads. You stick ’em on your site or in your newsletters (copy & paste). That’s it!

We take care of it all. Order processing, shipping, customer service – everything. Your job is to post ads and collect checks.

Ready to start? Click here for our terms and conditions to continue.