Tech Support

Welcome to our software tech support page. This page is for WorldStart software only! If you are having problems with another software publisher’s program, please contact them.

If you are having problems with one of our programs, please do the following before contacting us:

Setup Problems

If you’re having trouble installing the software, you may have gotten a bad download, especially if you encountered a “decompression error”. Try re-downloading the software – click here for the software page.

If you encounter a “file in use” error during the setup, this is normal. It simply means that the file that the setup program was trying to update was in use. Continue with the installation and the setup program will prompt you to re-start the computer after the install.

Registration Code Problems

Our most frequent problem is with registration codes. If your registration code is not working, please make sure you have entered it in all lowercase with no spaces, periods, dashes or anything else. It must be entered exactly as you received it.

If you registered via Internet and your code doesn’t seem to be working, make sure you’re using the reg code and not the order number. The reg code is located about a third of the way down in your confirmation e-mail.

Program Problems

If you’re having trouble with your software, the first thing you need to do is try restarting your computer. That normally cures almost 1/3 of the tech support questions we get. Sometimes windows just needs a re-boot.

If the program is causing an invalid page fault, it’s probably due to a conflict with another program. Check to see if you have any other programs running. Sometimes there’s a program running in the background that causes the problem. To see which programs are running, hit CTRL-ALT-DEL. A window will pop up showing you all the currently running programs. Try closing them out one by one. (Not explorer or system tray though – you’ll shut your computer down).

The next step is to re-download the software. Sometimes you get a corrupt file in the download process and re-downloading and rerunning the setup program (from the new download) may cure this problem. Click here for the software page.If you try all of the above (that apply) and are still unable to get the software to run properly, please use the form below to describe your problem. DO NOT USE this form for general windows questions or questions on software titles other then ours.