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Free Wallpaper

Main page & download- Click here.

Spruce up your windows desktop with some of this fantastic wallpaper. All types of cool nature and outdoor scenes, including lighthouses, beaches, lakes, woods, sunsets, and more. You can download individual images or get the whole set.

Software Titles

SmartBrowse (free)
Main page & download- Click here.

SmartBrowse is the next generation in web browsers. Everything about it helps make surfing the web faster and more efficient. It allows you to have multiple web sites open at the same time, within the same window. In addition, it allows you to have multiple homepages, has a fantastic bookmark system that allows you to store notes, passwords, and usernames, it has tons of links to search engines, shopping, & online resources, plus you can set up your own free online e-mail account (or use a current one with your current e-mail client). It supports all web standards and plug-ins that MS Internet Explorer supports.

Personal Phonebook Plus
Main page & download- Click here.

Personal Phonebook Plus!

Personal Phonebook Plus is now even better! It’s a personal address, business, and reminder list all rolled into one. It’s designed to make your life easier by letting you organize all your personal information in one place. This software is designed to keep track of your personal phone numbers, addresses, e-mails, birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas list, and favorite businesses, and more! If you’ve ever forgotten an important event, relative’s phone number, or if you hate to hand write out 100 Christmas cards, this program is just what you need. In addition, it can now print out envelopes, has wider area code and state boxes, more options, a reminder list, and many more enhancements and improvements! Check it out!

Password Power

Password Power
Main page & download- Click here.

Our popular Password Power software evolves into an even better program!
Notice that we seem to have too many passwords? Every time we log onto a web site, upload to a website, get an Internet account, E-mail account, or even want to protect a document in a piece of software, you need a new password. It also seems like we forget them. A lot. This software fixes that problem. Password Power is a place for you to keep all those passwords that you collect and get at them easily. It displays a list of your accounts and with the click of a mouse, you see the password info for that account. And yes, the software can be password protected!

Simple Loan Calculator
Main page & download- Click here.

BS00078_.jpg (9047 bytes)

Ever wonder what kind of payment you would be making on that new car? Or home? Or Boat? Or if the bank is giving you a loan payment amount with some hidden charges in it? Well, you can now figure out the answers to these questions and more with our new and improved loan calculator. It can solve for payment, term, or principal and allows you to easily compare loans and save  loan information. You can also print out loan information in a variety of ways, run amortizations, and more. Take a look. We think you’ll like it!

Rebate Tracker
Main page & download- Click here.

This new easy to use software will help you keep tabs on all the rebates you send out. No more forgotten rebates! Think about it, are you 100% sure that you’ve always gotten back EVERY rebate you sent out? This program will help. It tells you how long each rebate has been out, when to expect them and how much you have coming. It also can print out an envelope for you to send off your rebate. In addition it keeps a record of how many rebates have been paid and how much you’ve made from them. It will also show you if you have a rebate that’s overdue. This is a must have for anyone who sends out rebates!

Screen Savers

Animals (free)Main page &download – Click here.

Try the new Animals! screen saver. It’s a freeware program, so you’ll never have to pay a dime! It features 15 superb images of a variety of different animals (you can get an extra 15 if your a subscriber to our Diversions Digest newsletter). If you enjoy animals and wildlife, you’ll love this new screen saver. It also uses our new screen saver engine allowing you to adjust mouse sensitivity, transitions, image order and more.

1barnswallow.jpg (8997 bytes)
taq falls.JPG (13825 bytes)

Nature Images
Main page & download- Click here.

Nature Images is a shareware screen saver with stunning, high resolution photographs that display on your entire screen (15 in all, 30 / 45 when you register). There are sunsets, streams, birds, deer, frogs, and more. The screen saver will fill your entire screen with these images and is expandable – you can download expansion sets from us. In addition, you can control the mouse sensitivity, if the photos appear in order or are random, and the speed at which the images stay on the screen. It comes with an easy to use set up program with instructions on how to select it from your screen saver menu.

Waterfalls & More
Main page & download- Click here.

It features 25 remarkable photographs of waterfalls, sunset beaches, lakes, rivers and more. It has photos from every season, and can display these in order or randomly. In addition, you can password protect it, adjust mouse sensitivity, play a background sound of your choice, and choose whether or not to use transitions. If you like water, then this soothing screen saver is a must have addition to your computer.

Space Images (free)
Main page & download- Click here.

Gaseous Pillars M16.jpg (6855 bytes)

Space Images is a free screen saver. It has 20 fantastic images form our galaxy and beyond. Most of the images featured were taken with the Hubble Space Telescope. There are images of nebula, galaxies, planets, stars and more. This is a must have addition to your screen saver set. In addition, you can control the mouse sensitivity, if the photos appear in order or are random, and the speed at which the images stay on the screen. It comes with an easy to use set up program with instructions on how to select it from your screen saver menu. Check this one out! I know you’re gonna love it.

About Shareware & Freeware
Just so you know…

All of our software is actually what is referred to as shareware. Shareware is software that let’s you try before you buy. When you go to the store and purchase software, you don’t know if you’re going to like that software until you get it home and try it out. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to get a refund on software.

Shareware on the other hand lets you try before you buy. You download a piece of shareware and have an opportunity to try it out first. If you like it you pay for the shareware at that point. As you can see, shareware is much better for the consumer.

So go ahead and download some of our shareware and see if you like it!

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