Top 3 Career Paths to Choose in Malaysia

In the present economic situation in Malaysia, the recent pandemic has wreaked havoc on the country’s economy. Malaysia has been losing millions of ringgit every day because of the new CMCO. Even so, corporations must continue to work in order to help and revive Malaysia’s ailing economy. The labour force is still looking for students and recent graduates to join them in their endeavours. In this post, we’ll go through the top three career paths in Malaysia for those who want to work in the most in-demand industry in the country. These jobs cost the most money because they are the most in-demand in Malaysia, and we will never get enough experts in these fields.

By pursuing one of these occupations, you will ensure a steady salary and a position that can last the rest of your life, such as working as one of the best forex trading brokers. These sectors are noted for their very steady jobs, so you won’t have to think about losing your work because of an uncertain sector or job location. Here’s where we’ll start listing the top three career options in Malaysia.

  1. Information Technology (IT)

An IT career is among the most promising in the world, with an estimated 4 billion internet users and a new surge in demand for network, tech, system, and application developers.

It pays one of the highest entry-level wages in Malaysia, with a recent graduate receiving an average of RM 4,600 per month. If you’re a good developer, scaling your pay could be pretty easy, based on the sector and kind of programming you do.

Take notice that the field is broad, ranging from programmers to data analysts and software engineers, depending on the programming focus. To send you a quick tip, concentrate on the field that deals with large amounts of data. Data is said to be the industry’s newest gasoline, but if you can learn data and program it, you’ll eventually become a “data scientist.”

  1. Oil and Gas

Petroleum is a very useful source of transportation fuel. Oil is used to fuel everything in the modern age, including aeroplanes, cars, power, generators, and more.

For young Malaysian graduates, the oil and gas industry offers a wide range of opportunities.

Senior executives in the oil and gas industry benefit twice as much as their counterparts on average. Despite the fact that entry-level pay in this industry is not especially high, some GLC companies offer a range of workplace opportunities not seen in many other industries.

  1. Tourism and Hospitality

This is an area of a lot of comparison. It is one of the best entry-level salaries for entry-level workers, with new graduates earning an average of RM 4,500. This may be the profession for those searching for a job that will allow them to start working soon after graduation. The tourism and hospitality sector, like other sectors, is in dire need of merging with advances such as mobile booking and marketing technology.

As modern society moves to service industries, where leisure activity is becoming a major economic asset in Malaysia, more and more tourism jobs are emerging.

A career in tourism and hospitality covers a wide variety of jobs in the fields of hotels, restaurants, and recreational activities. Hotel operators, tour guides, resort directors, operational operations managers, and other occupations are available.